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Selling Anarchy!

anarchist t shirtMost recently I was walking around a mall in Canada where I had the wonderful experience with a friend of mine to notice a really cool blue t-shirt with three words -anarchy – freedom – attitude. I thought wow! it has happen anarchism has been commodified and sold for capitalist profit. The cause of this, from a non-theoritical analysis, is because of the growth of popularizing activism within teenage middle-class white U.S.A., whom are being influenced by pop musicians  and Hollywood stars  to support progressive social causes from environmentalism to saving Darfur. Activism with this experience has proven to be profitable and it is for this reason that many argue that the movement now needs money and well-funded nonprofits (to see more on this check out the book “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex” by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, published by South End Press.