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The 7th Annual ICAS Conference

The 7th Annual ICAS Conference at Yale University wrapped up this weekend.  Reports from the conference were nothing short than amazing.

The conference focused on transforming higher education into an ethical space and place for learning.

It began on Friday evening with a reception, book signing, art exhibit and discussion of ecofeminism.

On Saturday, conference panels included Politics and Media, The Politics of Diet and Conceptualizing “Life”, Theoretical Interventions, Anarchism, Animal Liberation, and the Animal Standpoint, and From Safe Spaces to a Safe Society. There was also a presentation from the North American Animal Liberation Press Office and a 2008/09 book of the year award which went to “Prisoned Chickens: Poisoned Eggs” by Karen Davis and runner up “An American Trilogy: Death, Slavery, and Dominion on the Banks of the Cape Fear River” by Steven Wise.

The evening concluded with a vigil and protest down the street against the vivisection of monkeys at Yale University.

On Sunday we learned strategies and tactics to diversify the toolbox of activists in a nonviolent training session at Peace Park in New Haven.

We are working on putting together photos from the conference but in the meantime, here are a couple videos from this past weekend. Much appreciation to those that made the event happen: our sponsors Ecopedagogy Association International, Transformative Studies Institute

University of Connecticut Vegan Huskies, Wooden Man Records, Outdoor Empowerment, Hartford Food Not Bombs, Hog River Collective, WCSU Youth for Justice, Danbury Food Not Bombs, Political Media Review
Education for Action, People of Faith CT, as well as the inspiring presenters, booth participants, volunteers, directors and organizers, and everyone who attended and encouraged others to join in.

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