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Valuable Resource – Political Media Review – PMR


If you are an activist, social justice educator, community organizer, or concerned political conscious individual, then you must know about Political Media Review (PMR). PMR, a project of the Transformative Studies Institute (TSI), is an independent reviewing clearinghouse for social justice media. As a not-for-profit and fully-volunteer organization, PMR fills the gap of promotion and publicity of social justice media by acting as a reviewing database for social justice films and publications. PMR takes original and republished reviews. The reviews are all around 500 words, stressing how the media is valuable to social justice, who the audience is, and of course what the media is about.  With more than 50 reviewers from around the world, a committed editorial collective (which I am a member of) and its high hitting website, PMR is sure to be a central resource for building social justice around the world. So what are you waiting for? Check out PMR – And, if you are interested in being a reviewer or part of the editorial collective send an e-mail to Sarat Colling: