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Another Book Series Launched – Green Criminology

Most Recently, Reece Walters, Avi Brisman and Anthony Nocella established a wonderful relationship with Lexington Books, which has created one of the first Green Criminology Book Series in the world! The Series is peer-reviewed and interested in publishing books related to green criminology, environmental justice, animal advocacy, and environmentalism. All manuscripts should target the academic community, while others audiences as well.


In 2010 Anthony J. Nocella, II, Avi Brisman, and Reece Walters confirmed a contract with Lexington Books a division of Roman & Littlefield  Publishers, Inc. establishing the first ever “Green Criminology and Security Studies” peer-reviewed Book Series. This series encourages innovative studies of green criminology and security studies, coming out of environmental justice, environmental, and animal advocacy movements. The series invites submission by scholars from the fields of criminology, sociology, anthropology, conflict studies culture studies, cultural studies,  economics, environmental studies, ethnic studies, history, media studies, area studies, philosophy, physics, political science, religion, and women’s studies. New studies consider intersectional approaches to social change, moral progress, and ecological sustainability.

Please promote this book series by printing off: Green Criminology and Security Series Book Series PDF


Submission Guidelines:

We accept proposals, not full manuscripts. We will accept with your proposal one sample chapter.

Proposals should include the following 12 areas:

  1. Cover sheet with title, name and contact information of author(s) /editor(s): address, phone-number, website, e-mail, and affiliations.
  2. Table of contents. In the case of a collection of essays by different authors around a central subject, add the contributors’ affiliations.
  3. Each chapter needs a short 300 word about, abstract.
  4. Introduction/overview of the book. This text should center on your book’s subject and give an idea of how that subject is developed or from which perspective/s it is being approached. (max. 2 pages)
  5. Whenever relevant, provide information about illustrated material or any other special graphic features that might be required.
  6. Originality versus marketplace competition: list recently published books that would compete with yours and, if possible, provide a synopsis of one to two sentences describing each. Mention how your proposed book will be different from the other titles. (max. 1 page)
  7. Target audience: marketing information describing the prospective readership for your book and how you will market the book. (max. 1 page)
  8. Your typescript. If already completed, specify the total number of words, including index, references and all other sections. If your project is in progress, give us an estimated date of completion and delivery, and approximate total length.
  9. Author(s)/editor(s) qualifications
  10. Author(s)/editor(s) biographies (200 words each)
  11. Contributor(s) biographies (200 words each)
  12. To provide a deadline that the full-manuscript that is type-set will be submitted


Please submit book proposals with sample chapter to each of the following:

  • coming soon

Upon receipt, we will forward your full proposal to be peer-reviewed by the Editorial Board of the Green Criminology and Security Studies Book Series for consideration. It will take approximately a month for the board to decide whether to proceed with your proposal. We will then submit it to the Publisher (Lexington Books) for an additional review process.


Step 1. Proposal Submissions will be assigned to one of the four following categories:

  1. Accept without revisions
  2. Accept with editorial revisions
  3. Revise and resubmit for peer review
  4. Reject
  • Every effort will be made to inform authors of the editor’s decision within 30 days of receipt of a proposal.

If approved by both, Lexington Books will invite you to submit the full manuscript for consideration with a contract sent to you. The manuscript will be reviewed by members of the editorial board and/or by external reviewers. Once you have sent us the manuscript, the subsequent period of consideration by the editorial board is approximately three months. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, the Publisher will contact you about contract formalities as well as about any revisions needed.


Step 2. Full Completed Manuscript Submissions will be assigned to one of the four following categories:

  1. Accept without revisions
  2. Accept with editorial revisions
  3. Revise and resubmit for peer review
  4. Reject
  • Every effort will be made to inform authors of the editor’s decision within 30 days of receipt of a manuscript.


Please note:

  • We request that you send the complete manuscript only upon invitation from the Publisher or a corresponding editor, completed and type-set.
  • During this period we expect you to refrain from simultaneous or multiple submissions to other publishers.
  • You can help us process your proposal if you adhere to the standard format of submission described above.


Book Series Senior Editors


Book Series Editorial Board


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