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ICAS Has Another Book Series

Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) in 2010 created the, Critical Animal Studies Reflections on Animal Liberation Book Series with Arissa Media Group, which targets the public and activist community. This serious is interested in activist strategies, tactics, and social movement politics and theory, — specifically radical politics, direct action, and alliance politics in relation to animal liberation. Please send all manuscripts for this book series to Dr. Colin Salter and Dr. Les Mitchell as they are the Senior Editors for this Book Series. The books with Arissa will be printed on recycled papers, vegetable based ink, and be very affordable to purchase.



Please send book proposals containing the submission requirements to:

Arissa Media Group
PO Box 27991
Tempe, AZ 85285



1) Arissa Media Group must first approve the Book Proposal;

2) Next it is sent to the Editorial Committee to be accepted; and

3) Finally the Book Proposal enters into a Peer-Reviewed process, which the Review Board will decide one of three ways for every Book Proposal, that includes:

• Accepted Completely
• Accepted With Revisions
• Not Accepted



Dr. Les Mitchell
University of Fort Hare

Dr. Colin Salter
McMaster University