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Book Talk @ Red Emma’s Baltimore

Anthony Nocella on Academic Freedom and Repression
Friday Feb 11, 7:30PM @ Red Emma’s

800 St. Paul St. * Baltimore, MD 21202 *
(410) 230-0450 *


Enough is enough!  “Hire” education across the country is being hijacked by the corporate agenda.  Students are leaving college with a degree that they cannot get a job with and an average of $24,000.00 in debt.  With more adjuncts, less tenure-faculty positions, and staff being hired only part-time to cut benefit costs, the corporate university has taken over.  The academic industrial complex is on full exploitation throttle with critical education thrown out the window and replaced with standardization and normalcy.

Anthony Nocella, activist, poet, author, and co-editor of Academic Repression: Reflections on the Academic Industrial Complex (AK Press 2010) will take us first hand into the complex, discussing his own experiences, how to resist, and how the book was created.

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Anthony J. Nocella II, author, activist, and educator is an interdisciplinary scholar working in a diversity of fields including anarchist studies, disability studies, environmental studies, media studies, peace studies, and LGBTQ studies. While finishing his Ph.D. at Syracuse University he teaches at Hillbrook Youth Detention Center, SUNY Cortland, and Le Moyne College. His activism, which has lead him to be a lobbyist, assistant to a Texas State Representative, and arrested for numerous acts of civil disobedience, stretches through many social causes including youth advocacy, alternatives to incarceration, ending racism and poverty, Native American rights, LGBTQ rights, animal rights, anarchism and international human rights. He is the co-founder of more than 20 political organizations including the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS). He has published more than seven books including Academic Repression: Reflections on the Academic Industrial Complex (AK Press 2010).