Mini-Experiential Educational Conflict Transformation Workshop

Help Increase the Peace Project
Mini-Experiential Educational Conflict Transformation Workshop
6PM to 9PM
East Hall 4 – Hamline University
Sponsored by Center for Excellence in Urban Education, Conflict Studies, and the Institute for Dispute Resolution at Hamline University

The Help Increase the Peace Project (HIPP) was developed by the Noble-Prize winning American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) staff in Syracuse, New York, in 1991 as a conflict transformation workshop to address the epidemic of violence in society. HIPP is based on the conviction that nonviolence and participation in our communities can better each of us and our world. HIPP is conducted worldwide in more than twelve countries and twenty-eight US states. HIPP is not therapy, but a therapeutic, experiential, engaging, collaborative, peace oriented group-building conflict transformation workshop promoting nonviolence, literacy, and social justice.

Facilitated by Anthony J. Nocella II Visiting Professor in the School of Education at Hamline University, board member of the American Friends Service Committee, and Director of Twin Cities Save the Kids. Anthony, who is working on his tenth book, has provided conflict transformation trainings, workshops, and courses for the last ten years throughout North and South America at universities, prisons, communities centers and for law enforcement, sports teams, and the military.