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CFP: Queering Borders – Special Issue of Wagadu Journal


Wagadu Queer Volume PDF

“Queering Borders: Transnational Feminist Perspectives on Global Heterosexism”
Special Issue for
Wagadu: Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies

Special Volume Edited By:

Kathryn Coffey, Ph.D.
SUNY Cortland, Cortland, New York

Anthony J. Nocella II, Ph.D.
Hamline University, Saint Paul, MN

Traditionally, transnational feminists have examined the fields of gender, sexuality and LGBTQ studies by critically addressing issues of colonialism, white supremacy, globalization, capitalism, and heterosexism. Like most fields within higher education, gender and sexuality studies, women’s studies, and LGBTQ studies are still dominated by white scholars; moreover these are predominately scholars from colonial ‘western’ cultures. In 2010 in the journal Pedagogy, Donald E. Hall asks the question: Can queer studies be taught across borders?  Many universities and activist groups are arguing for a global queer community and movement for rights, protection, and freedoms for members of LGBTQ communities. From the academy to the streets, members of the LGBTQ community are challenging global heterosexism. The questions remain: Is there a global queer identity? And, do queer scholars and activists unite with an international socio-political economic identity that challenges borders, barriers, and boundaries (the 3Bs of Domination) related to heterosexism? This special issue of Wagadu is dedicated to an interdisciplinary, intersectional, multi-movement, and multi-dimensional critique of heterosexism, associated with all systems of domination which promote racism, ableism, sexism, ageism, and classism. The editors are especially interested in the following issues:

  • Feminist/Radical feminist perspectives on heterosexism
  • Inclusion of queer studies and pedagogy in academia, from elementary school to higher education
  • Unfolding the concept of trans in relation to borders and sexual and gender identity
  • Heterosexism in the military industrial complex and prison industrial complex
  • Analyzing heterosexist labor and immigration practices
  • Global queer activism and its impact on heterosexism
  • Heterosexism in international film, music, literature, and other forms of media
  • Critiques of global heterosexism rooted in white supremacy, capitalism, systems of domination, and imperialism
  • Social inclusion and change
  • Profiting from queer identity and communities
  • White supremacy in queer communities
  • Patriarchy in queer communities
  • Global gentrification by queer community of poor marginalized communities
  • Queer anarchism
  • Challenging Heteronormativity in animalia
  • Disability and queer global perspectives
  • Intersections of heterosexism and anti-racist global resistance
  • LGBTQ environmental activism
  • Hate crimes and hate crime legislation
  • Gay marriage as repressive institution

Please send abstracts (500 words minimum 1,000 maximum) by November 1, 2012 and, if accepted for publication, complete essays by March 1, 2013. All submissions should be submitted to

Please send inquiries to: Dr. Kathryn Coffey, SUNY Cortland, New York –