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Recently Published Transformative Justice Article

In the Fall 2011 issue of Peace and Conflict Review I published an article on transformative justice. Peace and Conflict Review is a peer-reviewed academic journal in the field of peace and conflict studies housed at the University of Peace governed by the United Nations.

The article is dedicated to the historical overview, political development, and philosophy of transformative justice, with a primary focus on the United States. Core principles of transformative justice are synthesized from various theorists, activists, and institutions. The article begins with critical criminology, a sub-field of criminology, in order to discuss peacemaking criminology, compare restorative and transformative approaches to justice, and draw connections to the field of conflict transformation. The article states that transformative justice is recommended as the best pathway toward a new criminal justice system in the United States, and as an integral part of a wider social justice philosophy for peace. You can read the online version on Peace and Conflict website.