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Latest Issue of JCAS is Out

Vol 10, No 2 (2012)

Special Issue: Prison and Animals

Table of Contents


Prison Studies and Critical Animal Studies: Understanding Interconnectedness beyond Institutional Comparisons Untitled PDF
Susan Thomas Laura Shields


Doing Time in Slaughterhouses: A Green Criminological Commentary on Slaughterhouse Work Programs for Prison Inmates PDF
Amy J. Fitzgerald
“Man’s” Best Friend: Why Human Rights Needs Animal Rights PDF
Vasile Stanescu
Beyond Dehumanization: A Post-Humanist Critique of Intensive Confinement PDF
Lisa Guenther
Towards a Posthuman Postcolonial Critical Criminology of Incarceration PDF
Mielle Chandler
Killing Time on the Prairie PDF
Alan Mobley

Social Movement Analysis

Animal Advocates for Prison and Slave Abolition: A Transformative Justice Approach to Movement Politics for an End to Racism PDF PDF
Anthony J. Nocella II


“What Is Good for All of Us, Is the Only True Good for Any of Us”: An Interview with Marie Mason PDF
Matthew Ross Calarco

Complete Printable Version

Complete Printable Version PDF PDF

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