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Nocella Interview with Scholars’ Circle & The Insighters

Scholars_CircleThis week on the Scholars’ Circle & The Insighters:

Last year brought many vital issues out into the open. Storms such as Hurricane Sandy for example heightened awareness of climate change. What might we see develop in 2013? We are joined by Sarah Van Gelder co-founder and executive editor of YES!

Then we spend the rest of the hour discussing a disturbing trend of increasing numbers of school children being conditioned for the criminal justice system, often referred to, as the school to prison-pipeline. What might it mean for society? And how should this situation be addressed?

First we have a conversation with Dr. Kim Socha, Twin Cities Regional Director of Save The Kids. Save The Kids is a national grass-roots organization that started in 2009 in Hillbrook Youth Detention Facility, by four youth demanding support when they get out of detention.

We will also hear from Jon Vang. He spent eight years in prison, and now volunteers; mentoring and organizing with Save The Kids.

Later, on The Scholars’ Circle:
At the end of December a committee at the U.S. Senate held the first ever hearing on the school to prison-pipeline, a phrase related to the conditioning and sending of school children into the criminal justice system. Children are sometimes arrested, handcuffed, suspended or expelled for minor misbehaviors and disruptive conduct, in part due to current zero-tolerance policies in our school systems. Simultaneously many of these same schools have been starved of educational resources.

We are joined by three experts:

Dr. Anthony J Nocella, Visiting Professor in the School of
Education at Hamline University and Senior Fellow of the Dispute Resolution Institute at the Hamline Law School. His publications include, “Earth, Animal, and Disability Liberation: The Rise of the Eco-Ability Movement,” and “The Global Industrial Complex: Systems of Domination.”

Daniel J Losen is Director of the Center for Civil Rights Remedies, a new initiative at the Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles (CRP) at UCLA. He is the author of, “The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Structuring Legal Reform,” and “Racial Inequity in Special Education.”

Damien Schnyder is Professor of Africana Studies at Scripps College. He is the author of “Enclosures Abound: Black Cultural Autonomy, Prison Regime and Public Education.”


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