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Twin Cities National Hoodie Day June 10

trayvon june 107:00PM
June 10, 2013
2717 Bryant Avenue S Minneapolis, MN 55408


Facebook event page:

Action Plan:
Gather at 2717 Bryant where Terrance Franklin was killed 7:00 pm;
SHORT rally with acknowledgement of Trayvon case status, connecting to local Justice 4 Terrance (J4T) campaign 7:10 pm;
Acknowledgement of all victims of violence;
Spoken word artist TBA;
Moment of silence/light candles (7:30pm when Trayvon Martin was killed);
March to police precinct in silence with signs and literature on high visibility route TBA day of event
SHORT rally at police precinct with a call to action for J4T march on Thursday 6/13;
Closing Song by Pavielle;


**ATTENTION** National Hoodie Day is THIS MONDAY, JUNE 10TH! June 10th marks the day that George Zimmerman is to face trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin and exactly one month since the murder of Terrance Franklin by the Minneapolis Police Department. It took thousands in the streets to get Zimmerman charged in the first place– without continued resistance, there will not be justice in this case, or any of the cases where there is a target painted firmly on the backs of Black and Latino youth. This event is not asking for more people to be arrested and locked up, but to end: racism and all forms of oppression, the targeting of youth, police brutality, the prison industrial complex, and the New Jim Crow! And, for community empowerment, self determination, and transformative justice!
This event or Save the Kids is not affiliated with the RCP. We want to note that we are not “All Trayvon Martin,” because certain people in society will not be targeted because of one’s race, while others will. Most youth incarcerated in the U.S. are youth of color. To end youth of color being locked up and targeted we must challenge racism.


Media Contact: Raees Romero at 651-270-7592

If your group would like to co-sponsor (no money requested) and support this event please call or text: Shannon Edberg at 612-229-1986

Action Captain: Mysnikol Miller 651-494-4992 Direct Action Training this Sunday 6/09 for volunteers



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more coming soon …