Activism / Hip Hop

Top 5 Hip Hop Activist Books

So as I do research on Hip Hop activism,  politics, pedagogy, and studies I have come to suggest over and over again in the last year these five books. I hope they are useful for you.


Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap
By: Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar
Published: 2009
hip hop revolution


The Hip-Hop Generation Fights Back: Youth, Activism and Post-Civil Rights Politics
By: Andreana Clay
Published: 2012
hip hop generation


I Mix What I Like!: A Mixtape Manifesto
By: Jared A. Bell
Published: 2011
I Mix What I Like


Hip Hop Matters: Politics, Pop Culture, and the Struggle for the Soul of a Movement
By: S. Craig Watkins
Published: 2006
Hip Hop Matters


The Hip-Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African-American Culture
By: Bakari Kitwana
Published: 2003
The Hip-Hop Generation


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