Environmental Justice

Fifteen Strategies to Organize as a White Ally in Environmental Justice

I recently held a 101 on Environmental Justice event with Dr. David Pellow at Neighborhoods Organized for Change where I presented on how to be an anti-racist ally in the environmental justice movement. A movement that is dedicated to challenging racism, poverty, speciesism, and is led by people of color. The following is a list I created “Fifteen Strategies to Organize as a White Ally in Environmental Justice.”

  1. Be invited to the struggle not movement
  2. Listen
  3. Articulate one’s commitment
  4. Explain one’s skills
  5. Explain motivation and personal goals
  6. Be willing to follow and never lead
  7. Be willing to not get credit, but give credit to non-dominate voices
  8. Be willing to take accountability and own one’s supremacy and domination
  9. Be willing to be challenged and be called out
  10. Be willing to learn new processes and cultural practices
  11. Be willing to take more risks
  12. Be willing to do more
  13. Be willing to not take money or other benefits
  14. Challenge acts that tokenize, patronizing, and cooptation by white individuals and agencies
  15. Be willing to leave and not blame others