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June 19, 2015 – Tabling at Juneteenth in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

It was wonderful tabling with Save the Kids on June 19, 2015 at Juneteenth in Sioux Falls, South Dakokta. There were a few hundred people with Hip Hop, youth corner, about twenty booths. Here are some pictures below of the event.

10338793_954778434543248_4852882823904017022_n 10449181_954778421209916_2790567504867660350_n 10408498_10153401691354824_6672980154587383014_n 1908189_10153401691569824_4984056812500061361_n 11535875_10153401886379824_2747061265067205933_n 11535924_10153402173294824_4253920437148939498_n 63455_10153401691499824_3423054663356504424_n 11268074_10200658219733308_7853514660437452782_n 10629810_10200658220373324_1574998419335112101_n 1240407_10200658220773334_4362094515671149072_n 10501635_10200658221653356_6714232377825931317_n 11214186_10200658222653381_4039025078426393871_n 10348612_10200658223093392_4916613702966955305_n 10299155_10200658223533403_4786725955236924671_n 11220096_10200658224933438_6634092569059400216_n 10409234_10200658225693457_3144722268264617631_n 1467385_10200658227973514_7598980255673601602_n


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