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Making a Profit off Torture

Making a Profit off Torture Anthony J. Nocella, II Upon returning from the 2009 American Society of Criminology’s Annual Conference in Philadelphia and having observed tour after tour of scholars heading off to the Eastern State Penitentiary’s (ESP) “Terror Behind the Walls” experience, I started questioning what was going on there. The Eastern State Penitentiary’s … Continue reading


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Academic Repression Book Coming Soon

The extreme repressive attacks on Churchill, Finklstein, Fontan, Best, Massad, the “Dirty Thirty,” and many others represented in this book demonstrate the repressive logic of “US democracy,” whereby political elites, the mass media, and the education system establish and police the parameters of acceptable discourse. Churchill became America’s own Salman Rushdie terrorized by the fatwa … Continue reading

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Selling Anarchy!

Most recently I was walking around a mall in Canada where I had the wonderful experience with a friend of mine to notice a really cool blue t-shirt with three words -anarchy – freedom – attitude. I thought wow! it has happen anarchism has been commodified and sold for capitalist profit. The cause of this, … Continue reading