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21st Peace Studies Conference Nov 14, 2009 at Le Moyne College

le-moyne-tower21th Annual Peace Studies Conference
a project of the Central New York Peace Studies Consortium

Program Theme: Youth, Drugs, Violence, and Gangs: Global, national and local challenges

November 14, 2009

Le Moyne College, Syracuse, New York, USA
Sponsored by: Peace and Global Studies Program
Center for Urban and Regional Applied Research

From Martin L. King Jr. to Mahatma Gandhi, peacemakers have recognized the importance of teaching our young people how to live in peace. Thousands of youth are murdered and tens of thousands of them are arrested each year in the United States alone. The challenge of protecting our children is complicated when some of them are involved in generating the violence. Younger and younger children are carrying guns and selling drugs, and the attraction of “gangs” and thug culture is strong in many communities. Around the world, organized illegal trafficking (in drugs, arms, human beings etc.) poses an international threat to peace and global security. A peaceful future depends on meeting the challenges of violence at all levels, including developing alternatives for youth in our own communities.

This conference hopes to provide a venue for discussion of the global problem of youth and gang violence and to share peacemaking tools and alternatives to violence. In this interdisciplinary conference we hope to promote a wide-ranging conversation including diverse fields and experiences. For example, connections to education, ethics, crime, punishment, social welfare/work, justice, corporate gangs, race, class, gender, ability, religion, popular culture, internet communities, policy, media, economics, and international development and affairs.

We invite proposals from professors, community members, those working in non-profits and community organizatons, government leaders, activists, and graduate and undergraduate students, across the disciplines, in areas relating to but not restricted to youth, drugs, violence, and gangs. Paper presentations should be twenty minutes in length.

The deadline for proposals and abstracts is September 20, 2009.
Please send proposals for a panel, workshop, or roundtable discussion. Limit proposals to no more than 500 words. Also, send abstracts of articles (no more than 500 words) for consideration.

The organizing committee is receptive to many different and innovative formats for the conference, including, but not limited to roundtables, panels, community dialogues, and workshops. You may propose individual or group ‘panel’ presentations, but please clearly specify the structure of your proposal.

The organizing committee will review all proposals with preference given to papers focusing on the program theme.

Accepted presenters will be notified by email by October 1, 2009.
Please send proposals, abstracts, and biographies electronically to:
Paper Coordinator:
Nancy Piscitell, Administrator, Peace and Global Studies Program

Please send all documents as attachments, MS Word 2000 (or higher) or Rich-Text.

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